Team Policy

The bellow policies are in place to ensure:

1.  The Victory Aquatics Swim Team is following USA Swimming, US Masters Swimming, USA Water Polo, and Southern California Swimming rules, regulations, and guidelines.

2.  Our team prepares Athletes for the next level of Aquatics Sports while promoting personal growth.

3.  Coaches can work in an environment where the athletes are the focus.

4.  Victory Aquatics operates in a safe and fair manner.


At Practice

Parents and swimmers guests must follow Arrowhead County Club policies and procedures for the safety and consideration of all members, guests, employees, and equipment. All policies and procedures are subject to change at the discretion of the administration.


Swimmers shall respect and show courtesy to their teammates and coaches at all times.


If a parent /swimmer have a problem with a coach, it is their responsibility to communicate the problem with that coach.   If the problem escalates or can’t be resolved in this manner, the parent/ swimmer is to take the issue up with the head coach, who will help to resolve any issues.


Be on time.  Be ready to get in the water on time for practice and meet warm-ups. Be prepared to swim.  Have your equipment ready.  Bring extra caps and goggles


Be respectful of your teammate’s feelings and personal space.   Swimmers who exhibit sexist, racist or inappropriate behavior towards another person will be excused from the practice or meet and will be subject to a disciplinary process as determined by the head coach depending on the severity of the infraction.  Any coach at any time has authority to ask a swimmer to exit the pool for disciplinary reasons. That swimmer may not leave the pool deck until a parent guardian has been notified, and they talk to the coach first. The parent MUST come inside the pool area to briefly talk to the coach and pick up the swimmer. The swimmer will remain on deck after he/she is done getting dressed in a location selected by the coach. If the swimmer is unable to contact the parent he/she will remain on the pool deck for the remainder of practice and he/she will have to inform their parent of the misbehavior. The swimmer will not be allowed back to practice until the parent has talked to the coach. If the swimmer is constantly causing disruptions it will be brought up in a meeting among coaches to discuss further actions that will be taken. Documentation will be kept to show the patterns of misbehavior. 


No dunking, foul language, hanging on lane lines, splashing, spitting, hitting, trash talking, belittling or any other behavior deemed as horseplay is allowed in a practice venue or meet venue.  (USA Swimming Anti-bullying Policy)


Swimsuits are required for practice. I will wear swimwear that is not offensive or revealing. Deck changing is forbidden (per USA Swimming Rules). Swimmers who are ill with contagious viruses and open wounds must tell their coach before entering the water.


Swim practices are cell phone free. Swimmers are asked to leave their cell phone in their locked locker or in their swim bag at beginning of practice and not use it until the very end of practice. 


Required equipment: Swimmers in the Bronze, Silver, and Gold group must wear a Team cap of the swim team at practice and at swim meets. Different training equipment is required depending on which group your child is swimming. It is the swimmer’s responsibility to bring its equipment at every practice.



All swimmers must be registered with Victory Aquatics and pay its monthly dues at the office.  Your membership agreement and obligation to Team policy begins at child’s first practice. Entering a practice and/or payment of monthly dues constitutes acceptance of:  team policy, the code of conduct, the medical release/liability waiver form, the media release waiver.


Swim Meet Entries
The meet schedule is posted online at the beginning of our season and posted as meet forms become available. Text messages will be sent out with the registration deadline for each swim meet.  Novice and Bronze group swimmers will have the option of signing up online to go to the meet.  Silver and Gold group swimmers will be automatically entered and only removed if the coach is notified PRIOR TO THE ENTRY DEADLINE ON THE MEET FORM otherwise charges apply.  It is each swimmer/parents responsibility to confirm that entry times are correct and events are correct before the deadline.  After the entry deadline, no changes can be made and no refunds will be given. For hosted meets, all swimmers qualified will be automatically entered by the coaching staff and it is the client/families obligation to notify the coaching staff if they will not be attending before the entry deadline in order to not be charged the entry fee. The total entry fee has to be paid prior to the meet. There are no refunds for meet entries. 


Swim Meet Attire
All Athletes are required to wear Victory Aquatics uniforms when competing (T-Shirt and cap) with TYR attires. Clothing at an event should be head to toe team as much as possible.  A good rule of thumb is that your outermost visible layer should always be team clothing item.  


Parent & Athlete Meet/Game Protocol

A warm-up time will be posted online within the week of the event start.  We warm up as a team so please be respectful of that and be ready to get into the water at the time assigned. Please do not be late as it's disruptive to the teams warm up process and your athlete's pre-event preparation.



Check in with a Coach before and after each race/event.  Good sportsmanship is mandatory at all times.  Represent the Team well and be a good teammate.



Please let your athletes do things on their own.  Do not stand behind coaches or at the end of the lane during warm up.  Let your swimmers get to and from the blocks/bench by themselves once they have been to two or three events.  Allow them to speak with a coach after a race/game without you standing over their shoulder.  If you need to speak with a Coach during an event, be respectful of the fact that they have other athletes to watch and reserve it for after the event or away from the pool unless an emergency situation.  Good sportsmanship is mandatory at all times.  Represent Victory Aquatics well and be a good example for your athletes and other parents in every way.  Our suggestion is to keep an even attitude:  Don't overpraise the great moments or be critical during the not so great moments.  


Swim Meet Timing

All Parents are required to time each meet that your swimmer is participating in a meet no matter what group they are in.  How many timers our team provides and how long we require you to time is based on how many chairs our team is assigned by the meet officials. It is important that all parents participate and shares the responsibility of team timing. Generally speaking, you will be asked to time one hour at every swim meet. The timing schedule will be posted on our website a few days before the meet starts.


Travel to Team Events
It is every athlete's responsibility to make arrangements for transportation to and from events unless designated a "travel trip" by the head coach. Victory Aquatic's coaching staff is not permitted to drive any athletes to events or practices with the exception of an organized team "travel trips" and all of the required forms have been filled out.



Victory Aquatics dues structure offers monthly payments. All payments are due by 7th of the month. A swimmer that has not paid his dues by 7th of the month will not have access to the pool until the monthly fees have been paid.  


Families are responsible for monthly dues regardless of swimming time within a said month. Dues will not be prorated, credited or reimbursed for any reason.  The Head Coach has the right to terminate an account at any time. More details on billing and training fees are available on our website.


Practice Schedule

The practice schedule for each group is posted on the team website.  If changes to the practice schedule occur, families will be notified in advance via text messages and at practice when proper notification is given to the staff ahead of time.  We are renters at Arrowhead County Club cannot control pool closures.  If there are any last minute changes to the schedule due to weather, facility problems, etc, a reasonable effort will be made by the coaches to contact families ahead of time letting you know of the change. Make ups are not a guarantee but when we will be offered when possible.  Refunds will not be given because of changes in practice schedules or location changes of practice.  


Grievance Procedure

A grievance is a circumstance that is thought to be unjust and grounds for complaint. Below is a procedure to follow if you feel a grievance has occurred.


Athletes and parents should be sure to get all the facts.  Please discard any hearsay and stick to the facts as you know them. Direct your concerns verbally to the appropriate person(s). For example: if you have a concern with a coach, please approach that coach with your concerns in private.  Be sure to do so at the appropriate time and not during practice or event.  If no time avails itself, please make an appointment to meet with the coach or party.  


If during that discussion your issue is not resolved the next step would be to take the issue to the Head Coach/CEO.  You might be instructed to write up your issue with all of the pertaining facts.  
When putting the issue in writing please give details of the steps you have taken and all pertaining facts then present to the Head Coach/CEO.


When necessary, the Head Coach/CEO would present this problem to the person(s) at which the complaint was directed and listen to their statement.  There may be a meeting of all involved parties lead by the Head Coach/CEO to reach a reasonable resolution.


The Head Coach/CEO would then determine the resolution, and take action to resolve the grievance. The head coach reserves the right to bring the matter to the team of coaches to ask their opinions. A written resolution would be emailed to the person filing the grievance.  The Head Coach/CEO's decision is final in the matter.  


The Swim Team volunteer policy

The success of both your child and Victory Aquatics is only possible with the dedicated efforts of all parents. You are a part of one of the most recognized and respected programs in Southern California with almost 50 years experience of serving athletes. Without a doubt, a large part of that success is due to the  volunteers.  Your support and involvement is considered a vital element to the success of our team. As our team grows, we will be offering more activities to our swimmers. Please do not hesitate to inform us you are available for helping. We always need parents to organize various activities. It is important that we all work together to maintain the quality program we have at Victory Aquatics. These policies make it so that we all can EVENLY share the volunteer effort required to provide a well-run program for our children. The team need parents and volunteers to run successful events. Many of our families volunteer countless hours every month. It is necessary that all families contribute their fair share during our home events. It is easy to donate your time and it is important to show our children the value of volunteerism. Please support your swimmer and our team!


Swim Team Fundraiser

Families of Swim Team are NOT required to participate in fundraising efforts during the year.  Generally speaking, Victory Aquatics in San Bernardino hold one Swim-O-Thon every year. Money raised at the Swim-O-Thon is used mostly to purchase training equipment for our swimmers.


Meet Policy

At Swim Meet

Swimmers are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship at practice and meets.


Swimmers and Parents shall not ever confront an official or stroke, and turn judge at a meet about a disqualification.  This is the coach’s responsibility.  Swimmers and parents will be respectful and courteous to meet volunteers at all times.  If you have a problem, come to talk to your coach.


Vandalism of locker rooms and theft of property will be prosecuted under the law.  The swimmer and family of swimmer will be responsible for all damages and fees incurred upon collection or prosecution of damages.


A swimmer who is injured at practice or a meet must report this to their coach immediately following an injury.


Swimmers are responsible for checking in, checking postings, and heat and lane assignments, reporting to their coach and for being behind their block prior to their race.  A swimmer will suffer the consequences fees, removal from an event or the meet, no show or disqualification as per the meet sanction or the directive of your coach for missing an event.


I understand that USA Swimming and Southern California Swimming is an organization of trained volunteers and paid professional officials.   Meets are operated by volunteers.   I agree to treat volunteers and swim meet officials with respect.     


Specific Team Rules For Parents


Practice teamwork with all parents, swimmers, and coaches by supporting the values of discipline, loyalty, commitment, and hard work.


As a parent, I will not coach or instruct the team, or any swimmer at a practice or meets (from the stands or any other area) or interfere with coaches on the pool deck.


Demonstrate good sportsmanship by conducting myself in a manner that earns the respect of my child, other swimmers, parents, officials and the coaches at the meets and practices.


Parents shall refrain from disrupting the practice in any way.  Parents are not allowed to talk to their swimmer or interrupt practice unless an emergency or immediate safety concern, as this disrupts the entire group and focus of the practice session. Parents are asked to stay by the bleachers or bring own chair and wait by the bleachers.


Parents are expected to keep non-swimming siblings from running around on the deck unsupervised during practice, as this is a distraction and of safety concern. Non-swimming children shall be supervised by a responsible adult while participating in any USA swimming sanctioned activity.


Parents are encouraged TO COMMUNICATE WITH THEIR CHILD’S COACH. The appropriate time is well before practice.  Communicating with coaches during practice disrupts the workout for the entire group.  We want to talk with you.  You can email us and can request a return call or appointment or visit with us after practice.


Parents are expected to time and volunteer for jobs as needed by our club at swim meets.


Parents are encouraged to volunteer for activities, to participate in our team fundraising (swim a thon), and to learn about USA Swimming.


Maintain self-control at all times. Know my role: Swimmers - Swim; Coaches - Coach; Officials Officiate; Parents - Parent.


I , as a parent, I understand that criticizing, name-calling, use of abusive language or gestures directed toward the coaches, officials, and/or any participating swimmer of USA or their family will not be permitted or tolerated.  


Enjoy involvement in Victory Aquatics by supporting the swimmers, coaches and other parents with positive communication and actions.


During competitions, questions or concerns regarding decisions made by meet officials are directed to a member of our coaching staff. Parents address officials via the coaching staff only.


Parents are encouraged to provide their child with a sensible nutrition before and immediately following practice.  Swimmers have a special carbohydrate and calorie intake need.  Soda, sugar, and foods high in fats are not the best choices for a swimmer.


Share the burden among parents by volunteering to time at meets at which our children are swimming; volunteer to help at swim meets our club hosts, whether our children participate or not.


Support my swimmer in attending practices regularly, plus facilitating the attendance of at least one swim meet per month.

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