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Victory Aquatics participates in swimming competitions on a regular basis throughout the year. Please see our Swim Meet Calendar. Before signing up for a meet, please consult with your swim coaches.


Parent Meeting Swim Meet Info Session


1. Schedule of the Meet:  Upon arriving at the meet, heat sheets will be available/for purchase. Please highlight/circle/note the events your swimmer (and other Victory Aquatics swimmers!) are in. 


2. Check-In:  YOU are responsible for checking your swimmer in with the Clerk of Course. The Clerk will have a set-up at the meet (do not worry, it will be obvious where they are once you get to the meet). Check-in is VERY important because it shows that your swimmer will be competing and is not a “no-show”. If you do not check-in, your swimmer will be removed from the event to allow for more accurate event seeding. 


3. Warm-up: Please be at the meet location (settled!) AT LEAST hour before the meet begins. This period of time is for warm-up. Send your swimmer to their coach during this time. 


4. Meet events: Parents, YOU are in charge of knowing when your swimmer competes. This is not the coach’s responsibility. Make sure you are aware of the meet event timeline and your swimmer’s events. Send them over to their coach at least 10-15 minutes before their race. The coach will take over at that point until your the swimmer finishes their race. Make sure your swimmer talks with their coach after they race. This is their opportunity for celebration and constructive criticism, which is a very important part of improvement!


5. Results: Results will be posted at the meet (usually on a wall) in a timely manner. Various iPhone applications will allow you to keep track of/view their results, as well (see #6).


6. iPhone apps: Deck Pass and Meet Mobile. You will have to make an account for each of these apps. 


7. IMX: What USA Swimming has to say about IMX: “USA Swimming has a number of programs to help swimmers reach the next level in their swimming careers. One of those programs is the IMX series designed to help various age groups compete in multiple events, rather than specialize in one stroke too early. To calculate scores for each age group, swimmers receive power points from each of their swimmers. Those points are then tallied, and the swimmer with the most points, wins!” To view your swimmers IMX points, go online to usaswimming.org —> “Times” —> “IMX and Power Point


8. Time Standards: Time standards are split up by age until the swimmer reaches a national competition level. Time standards can be found online at socalswim.org OR usaswimming.org OR on the swim meet bulletin board on deck!


9. Disqualifications: It is always possible that your swimmer will be disqualified during their event for improper technique. THIS IS NOT A BAD THING, it simply means that they have something to work on in practice. It is an opportunity for them to learn what they need to do differently to be a faster, better swimmer. In the case of a disqualification, the meet official will silently raise their hand on deck and then write up a disqualification slip stating what the swimmer was disqualified for. This will be given to the swimmer’s coach. The time the swimmer received in their event will not count and they will not place in the event.


10. Volunteering at meets- There is always a tremendous need for timers at swim meets. Talk to any meet official/find the sign-up sheet for timing once you arrive at the meet if you are interested. Timers are always much appreciated!!! If you are interested in becoming a meet official, there is a free online training course at usaswimming.org



Reading a Heat Sheet


What is a Heat Sheet?

At the bottom is the printed listing displayed before and during a meet that tells swimmers what events they will compete in. It also defines the swimmer's lane assignment per event. Lanes are typically assigned based on seed times, with the fastest swimmers in the center of the pool. Events are listed in order usually alternating girls and boys events. Please see sample individual event from a Heat Sheet below:



Important Terms


Seed Time: the fastest time a swimmer or team of swimmers has swum an event prior to the submission of entries for the meet. For individuals, this is the time entered for the swimmer for the event and is a good goal to try to beat. It also factors into lane placement and heat number.


NT” listed for seed time: it means no seed time has yet been recorded for that swimmer, i.e. that swimmer has not competed in that event or was disqualified during the event.


"X" in front of seed time: it means the swimmer is swimming an exhibition heat. In exhibition heats, swimmers receive a time, but do not score points for the team. Exhibition heats are performed so that more swimmers can participate in events, and are a valuable opportunity to get a legal time for championship eligibility, or achieve one’s personal best.


Individual Medleys (IM) are swum in this order1) Butterfly, 2) Backstroke, 3) Breaststroke, 4) Freestyle.

It’s important for swimmers to know the order, because any other order will result in a “DQ” or disqualification.


In Relay medleys: For age group 8 & under, swimmers 1 and 3 enter the water at one end of the pool, and swimmers 2 and 4 at the opposite end (each swimmer swims one length of the pool). Older swimmers (age group 9 & up) start and finish at the same point (each swimmer swims two lengths or down and back of the pool). Please see sample of relay event below:


Relay medleys are swum in this order: 1) Backstroke, 2) Breaststroke, 3) Butterfly, 4) Freestyle.

Accordingly, in the second sample below, Nicholas Wolf will swim backstroke, Keith Miller the breaststroke, Ryan Anthony the butterfly, and Chris Carlin the freestyle. They will swim in Heat 1, Lane 4. Their team has not yet received a legal seed time, so they have “NT.” This team is in the age group that swims two lengths of the pool, or 50 meters, each, which is reflected in the 200-meter event distance.


Sample Individual Event from a Heat Sheet:

Sample Relay Event from a Heat Sheet:

Swim Meet Checklist

FOR SWIMMER, YOU NEED: parent(s), team t-shirt, swimsuit, spare swimsuit, swim cap, spare swim cap, goggles, deck shoes, spare goggles, towels (2), water bottle, snacks, clothes (sweat, warmups), clothes for before/after meet, shampoo/soap (no razors) for shower, good attitude, smile, and EAT BREAKFAST BEFORE MEET.


FOR PARENT(S), YOU NEED: swimmer(s), chairs, mat/blanket for floor, seat cushions, markers, ball point pen, paper towels (for cleaning messes), something to do (newspaper, book, etc...), money for concessions and heat sheets, personal emergency kit (allergy meds, prescriptions, and bandaid), map and meet information, hotel info for out of town meets, snack and water in car (to keep swimmers hydrated), plastic bags (for garbage), and ENSURE your swimmers EAT BEFORE MEET.





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