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About us



Water is 800 times more dense than air. Figuring out how to move through the water efficiently determines how well you swim far more than being in great shape. Until you are an efficient swimmer, it’s paramount that you learn proper technique before you worry about improving your swimming fitness. At Victory Aquatics, we will put a great importance on technique on a daily basis. From video analysis to specific dry land exercises, to feedback, technique will always remain a top priority with all our athletes.


We believe in developing a POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT

Being successful in swimming is a long journey. No matter how talented your child is, there will be ups and downs; they will have good workouts, challenging workouts and there will be moments they achieve the best time at swim meets as well as failure to achieve a specific goal. Positivity will start on deck with our coaches and we expect our swimmers and parents to have the same attitude throughout every challenge. 


We believe in FAST SWIMMING

At Victory Aquatics, we design the workouts to make your child swim fast. We base our approach on more than 20 years of experience. We train in a 25-yard pool and a 50-meter pool, but very often your child will be training in a 15 or 10 yard pool. The rationale behind this is simple:  shorter distance means more turns, more underwater kick, less strokes, less fatigue, and better technique and speedier workouts. This training concept is applied throughout the country in some of the best programs with senior athletes. It is our strong beliefs that by implementing this training method at a young age your child will improve much faster.


We believe in PROGRESSIVE DRYLAND at all age

Dryland training is the foundation of any good performance. We will cover all the aspects of the athletic development of your child. Motor Skill acquisition, inter-muscular coordination, gains in general fitness, flexibility, muscle size, and stroke-specific strength. The dry land training is always performed under the supervision of a coach and in a safe environment. Your child must have a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and running shoes at each practice.



Building Character and Achievement through Teamwork.



Our goal is to have a nationally recognized aquatics program that builds on a tradition of excellence by teaching and training all levels of swimmers. We offer competitive programs for those who want to achieve their potential in competitive swimming and recreational programs for those who want to have healthy habits and enjoy the value of our team. We aim to combine individual development with team unity. We truly believe that by teaching the values of wellness and good health, we are giving today's children a chance to become tomorrow's leaders.


What WE DO

- STRIVE to develop the full potential of each athlete regardless of his or her innate natural ability.

- CONSIDER every child as important and each will be invested in by the coaches. 

- ENCOURAGE an atmosphere of team unity in which coaches, athletes and parents all contribute to team success.

- FOSTER a policy on racial, religious and ethnic nondiscrimination at all times and at all levels.

- PROJECT a positive team image to the community in order to increase team participation and community support.

- STRESS sportsmanship and teamwork through team spirit and mutual support.

- PREPARE swimmers to compete successfully at local, state, national, and international levels of competition in accordance with the rules of the governing body of the sport.



At each level of the Victory Aquatics program, swimmers are instructed to strive for excellence.  Excellence in this sense represents the achievement of the level at which you know that you have done your utmost to become the best you are capable of becoming.  This philosophy is consistent throughout the program, and every swimmer, novice to Olympian, is encouraged to “Be the Best You Can Be”. 



Consistent practice attendance will play a key role in your child's success at every level of the program.  Each group in the program is offered a practice schedule that is appropriate for the age, and skill level of the swimmers in the group. If you want to get the most out of the program and maximize your child's opportunity to improve, attendance at every practice offered is ideal.  The coaching staff has provided some guidelines for each training group.


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